Balgownie Geoscience provides a number of services to the international geoscience community and can be delivered by Steve Adams or Balgownie Geoscience Associates. A selection of these are highlighted below.



Balgownie Geoscience have developed and can deliver a number of Upstream Oil & Gas training courses.  Courses can also be tailor-made for clients as required.  Please feel free to get in touch to discuss.

Upstream Oil & Gas - An Introduction

A short course to explain the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry through it’s Lifecycle from Asset Acquisition, through Exploration, Development, Production and Abandonment.  Useful to newcomers to the industry and interested others.

Oil & Gas Exploration

A course explaining all aspects of the Oil & Gas exploration process.  From Asset Acquisition, Regional Studies, Portfolio Development, Prospect Generation and Exploration Drilling.  Great for the next generation of Oil & Gas explorers.

Oil & Gas Appraisal & Development

The next step in the Upstream lifecycle, taking a discovery through the Appraisal and Development Process.  Addresses Field Development Planning and how to maximise value from a new discovery.  For those tasked with developing Oil and Gas fields.

Play Fairway Analysis

Where to acquire acreage? Are the prerequisites for discoveries there? A structured course highlighting how detailed regional Play analysis can prioritise areas to study further.  Critical for explorers especially in new and emerging basins.

North Sea Reservoirs

Classroom, online and (if requested) field based overview of key North Sea Reservoirs.  Their deposition, character, distribution, quality and quirks.  Supported by key subsurface core and petrophysical log data.

Hydrocarbon Play Elements

Explaining the Hydrocarbon Cycle and the key components of Source, Reservoir and Seal using global examples.  Outdoor learning opportunities in the Midland Valley of Scotland  using Devonian and Carboniferous outcrops and data.


Balgownie Geoscience have also developed and can deliver a number of cross-geoscience field excursions of varying durations.  These utilise world-class Scottish outcrops.  Please feel free to get in touch to plan your field visit.

Moray Firth Coast

A two or three-day visit to the glorious Moray Coast visiting Pennan, New Aberdour, Lossiemouth, Covesea, Hopeman and Burghead focusing on Devonian and Permo-Triassic clastic sandstones/reservoirs.

Fife Coast

An opportunity to observe the classic Carboniferous of Fife.  Volcanoes, Sills, Sandstones, Oil Shales, Limestones, Coals, Structure and an incredible industrial heritage all in two or three days.

Helmsdale & Brora

A trip to the northern Moray Firth Coast, to Helmsdale and Brora to view classic Jurassic shallow and deep marine sequences in the footwall and hangingwall of the Helmsdale Fault.  Look out for tiger-stripes, Rhaxella and huge clasts!!

East Lothian

Starting where it all started … at Hutton’s Unconformity at Siccar Point this trip also visits classic Devonian and Carboniferous localities at Pease Bay, Cove, Dunbar, North Berwick, Prestonpans and Port Seton.

North Sea Petroleum Geology

A field based introduction to the Geology of the North Sea.  We visit analogues and learn more about the development of the failed rift and its importance to the UK Oil & Gas sector during the late 20th and early 21st Century.

The Hebridean Jurassic

What more do I need to say … why wouldn’t you want to visit the classic Jurassic outcrops of Skye and Raasay?  Bring your camera!! The scenery will be outstanding.  We might even visit a distillery or two … or three !!


Balgownie Geoscience can provide Upstream Oil & Gas consultancy services across the full E&P LifeCycle independently or as part of a client team.  Some examples are outlined below but please feel free to get in contact if you have other requirements.

License Round Evaluations

We can provide cross-discipline support for License Applications.  We have significant experience in the North Sea and South East Asia.  We can either work independently or as part of an Operator’s team.

Asset Evaluation

Balgownie Geoscience has significant global asset evaluation experience of fields at appraisal, development and late life stages.  Adding value by “seeing the upside” is a focus of Balgownie’s evaluation philosophy.

Field Development Planning

Effective Field Development Planning is a key Balgownie Geoscience skill, having been involved in integrated field development planning in numerous onshore/offshore/greenfield/brownfield assets focusing on value optimisation.

Play Fairway Analysis

Over the past 30 years Steve has been involved in numerous Play Fairway Analyses in support of basin entry, portfolio management and prospect prioritisation activities.  Balgownie can undertake independent projects or support in-situ teams.

Prospect Evaluation

Over 35 years of Prospect Evaluation experience, focusing on acquiring the right data to address the critical risk and making decisions based on a strong understanding of the prospect volume/risk/value equation.

Risk & Uncertainty

An understanding of Risk & Uncertainty is critical to effective Oil & Gas Exploration, Development and Production.  Balgownie Geoscience has implementation expertise in all these area and can help you use them to make better decisions.