Segment 30

Locality 117 - Bow Fiddle Rock

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Neoproterozoic Cullen Quartzite Fm.  Fantastic outcrop of folded and eroded metamorphosed marine sandstones. Also a great spot for birdwatching.

Locality 118 - Strathlene Cliffs

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Neoproterozoic Cullen Quartzite Fm.  Another outcrop of the light-coloured quartzites. On a good day you could believe that you were in the South of France!!

Locality 119 - Seatown

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Mid-Devonian Fochabers Sandstone Fm. Back in the Palaeozoic with these gently dipping red fluvial sandstones interbedded with breccias and conglomerates.

Locality 120 - Branderburgh

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Triassic Stotfield Cherty Rock Fm. Caliche (replaced by vuggy chert, calcite and galena) that’s unmistakeable on the coast and offshore in multiple boreholes.