Segment 42

Locality 165 - Sarclet Harbour

ND 3509 4333  ///announced.boomed.badminton

Early Devonian Ousdale Arkose Fm. Lovely bay outcrop of these dark red, sparkly, and jointed arkosic fluvial channel sandstones. Interesting faults in the cliffs too.

Locality 166 - The Powe

ND 3739 4919  ///

Middle Devonian Lybster Flagstone Fm. Quarried cliffs of magnificent jointed flagstones as well as excellent sections of finely interbedded lacustrine clastics.

Locality 167 - Broad Haven

ND 3827 5103  ///torso.redouble.stored

Middle Devonian Lybster Flagstone Fm. A lovely bay with gently dipping interbedded lacustrine sandstones, siltstones and mudstones.

Locality 168 - Staxigoe Bay

ND 3867 5243  ///shirtless.breathy.tornado

Middle Devonian Lybster Flagstone Fm. This is our last outcrop of these fascinating well-bedded clastics.  Joints and ripples aplenty!!