Segment 38

Locality 149 - Lothbeg Point

NC 9593 0954   ///committee.troubles.youngest

Upper Jurassic Allt Na Cuile Sandstone Fm. Channelised deep marine fan sandstones, faults, extensive silica veining and soft sediment deformation.

Locality 150 - Lothbeg Bay

NC 9609 0964   ///butter.tangent.fellow

Upper Jurassic Lothbeg Shale Mbr.  Basinal, organic rich, carbonaceous, ammonite rich  mudstones and thin interbedded ‘tiger-stripe’ sandstones.

Locality 151 - Crakaig Beach

NC 9698 1012  ///fewer.highlighted.among

Upper Jurassic Portgower Boulder Bed Mbr.  Magnificent cliff exposure of chaotic, sand rich, sand clast submarine fault scarp breccia.

Locality 152 - Garty Shore

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Upper Jurassic Portgower Boulder Bed Mbr. Wave-cut platform with a fantastic ‘fallen stack’ encased in sand rich breccias. Check it out on Google Earth.