Segment 37

Locality 145 - Brora Beach

NC 9103 0352   ///

Middle/Upper Jurassic Clynekirkton Sandstone Fm. Wave cut platform exposure of these golden, well silica cemented, and jointed shallow marine sandstones.

Locality 146 - Brora River

NC 8985 0393   ///mothering.removed.riots

Middle/Upper Jurassic Clynelish Quarry/Fascally Sandstone Fms. There’s ongoing discussions as to the depositional environment of these deposits.

Locality 147 - Ardassie Point

NC 9140 0410  ///streamers.ratty.attracts

Middle/Upper Jurassic Ardassie Limestone Mbr. Wonderful interbedded, shallow marine sandy limestones and muddy carbonaceous sandstones.

Locality 148 - Earl's Cut

NC 9519 0990   ///scaffold.supple.deflate

Upper Jurassic Alt Na Cuile Sandstone Fm. You could spend hours here with turbidites, channels, lenticular sand bodies, slumps, tiger-stripes and faulting.