Segment 36

Locality 141 - Dunrobin Castle

NC 8570 0089   ///insect.carefully.shipyards

Early Jurassic Lady’s Walk Shale Mbr.  Shallow marine mudstones, often bioturbated. Also great Sinemurian and Pliensbachian ammonites.

Locality 142 - Strathsteven

NC 8859 0209   ///

Middle/Upper Jurassic Brora Arenaceous Fm.  Quarry/cliff exposure of these clinoform rich sandstones with differing views on their origin.

Locality 143 - Port a' Gheamhraidh

NC 9059 0318  ///

Middle Jurassic Brora Shale Member Glauconitic Sandstone Mbr. Shallow marine glauconitic and commonly bioturbated siltstones and sandstones.

Locality 144 - Lower Brora

NC 9081 0327   ///lamplight.sailors.untrained

Middle Jurassic Brora Shale Mbr. Lovely wave cut platform of jointed, faulted and fractured marine (often calcareous) mudstones. Another great fossil location.