Segment 35

Locality 137 - Portmahomack

NH 9159 8494   ///rewarded.developed.indoor

Devonian Raddery Sandstone Fm. Look at those ripples!! Some will be saying no more fluvial sandstones please. Don’t worry, ‘the Jurassic’ is on the horizon.

Locality 138 - Royal Dornoch Links

NH 8129 9127   ///angry.allies.triads

Devonian Raddery Sandstone Fm. Lovely beach outcrop alongside the fairways of the majestic Royal Dornoch Golf Links.The big question is … fluvial or aeolian??

Locality 139 - Embo Rocks

NH 8189 9278  ///saddens.blame.users

Devonian Raddery Sandstone Fm. Last ORS for a while. This beach outcrop has multi-coloured, fine-grained, 3D exposures of fluvial channels.

Locality 140 - Creag an Amalaidh

NH 7687 9774   ///decorator.sloping.jokes

Early Devonian Langwell Conglomerate Mbr. One more Devonian outcrop of coarse grained proximal fluvial and alluvial sediments and what a view!