Segment 33

Locality 129 - Rosemarkie Bay

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Proterozoic Rosemarkie Metamorphic Complex. Great outcrop of these multicoloured gneisses close to the Great Glen Fault. Look at the shear fractures!

Locality 130 - Eathie Fishing Station

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Mid Devonian Raddery Sandstone Fm. Outcrop of thick, basinward dipping yellow/red fluvial channel sandstones. Enjoy the spooky woods walk to get there.

Locality 131 - Eathie Shore

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Mid Devonian Cromarty Fish Beds. Lacustrine limestones, siltstones and fish fossil rich nodules as described by Hugh Miller in ‘The Old Red Sandstone’.

Locality 132 - Little Rock - Cromarty

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Mid Devonian Raddery Sandstone Fm. Steeply dipping red, cross bedded, fluvial sandstones a short distance from Hugh Miller’s Cottage.