Segment 32

Locality 125 - Burghead Harbour

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Early Triassic Burghead Sandstone Fm. Visit Burghead harbour and enjoy these fantastic poorly sorted, cross bedded and channelised pebbly fluvial sandstones.

Locality 126 - Bridge of Findhorn

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Devonian Cothall Limestone Fm. A haven for anglers … but also those seeking an excellent example of a partially silicified, barite and concretion rich calcrete.

Locality 127 - Nairn Beach

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Middle Devonian Nairn Sandstone Mbr. Extensive wave cut platform with many examples of brick-red cross-bedded fluvial channel sandstones.

Locality 128 - Kilmuir Shore

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Mid Devonian Kilmuir Conglomerate Fm. We’ve crossed the Great Glen Fault where we find these fantastic polymict fluvial/alluvial conglomerates.