Segment 17

Locality 65 - Gallowflat

NO 2135 2080   ///connected.lamps.unclaimed
Quaternary Errol Beds.  Late-glacial marine clays exposed in this abandoned clay pit with ORS dropstones thought to be associated with ice-sheet calving/melting.

Locality 66 - Den of Fowlis

NO 3275 3277   ///cheek.nylon.encoder
Devonian Dundee Flagstone Fm.  A river-bed and cliff exposure of these dipping interbedded red and grey, fine grained sandstones, siltstones and mudstones.

Locality 67 - Kingoodie Quarries

NO 3379 2947   ///feuds.mailing.arise
Devonian Dundee Flagstone Fm.  Multiple faces (some inaccessible) of massive sandstones once quarried in large blocks for sites such as the East India Docks.

Locality 68 - Dundee Airport

NO 3783 2966   ///motor.baguette.calendars
Devonian Dundee Flagstone Fm.  One of a number of cliff exposures (although not accessible across a rail line) of these stacked red fluvial channel sandstones.