Segment 9

Locality 33 - Aillie Rocks - Culross

NS 9876 8574   ///unafraid.standard.slept
Carboniferous Upper Limestone Fm. clastics.  Lovely outcrop of dipping fluvial/marginal marine sandstones as well as the historic town.

Locality 34 - Torryburn

NT 0262 8561   ///amid.gurgling.deoderant
Carboniferous Limestone Coal Fm. paralic clastics, folds, faults, gas seeps and the grizzly Witches Rock where the tide decided your fate!!

Locality 35 - Limekilns

NT 0750 8337   ///dividers.cubs.convinces
Carboniferous Lower Limestone Fm. and Pathhead Fm. clastics and carbonates.  The Hurlet limestone and views of old quarries in gardens are the highlight.

Locality 36 - Rosyth Church

NT 0846 8278   ///tissue.adding.oatmeal
Carboniferous Pathhead Fm. clastics and carbonates.  Not limited to … tight folds, thrusts, prograding coarsening-up sequences and siderite nodules.