Segment 8

Locality 29 - Kettlestoun Quarry

NS 9848 7598   ///promotion.refrained.raven
Abandoned Carboniferous Midland Valley quartz-microgabbro sill quarry. CARE REQUIRED. Safer outcrops (front of the quarry) show sediment rafts and vesicles.

Locality 30 - Carribber Glen

NS 9686 7533   ///wacky.inner.valuables
Weathered fine-grained Carboniferous Upper Limestone Fm. ‘Orchard Beds’ representing one of nine major marine trangressions in this Formation.

Locality 31 - Falkirk Tunnel

NS 8852 7894   ///airfields.popped.condition
Carboniferous Lower Coal Measures Fm. clastics exposed in this 630m long Union Canal tunnel. Flashlights, waterproofs and care needed for those entering.

Locality 32 - South Bantaskine Park

NS 8743 7916   ///ears.distilled.interrupt
Carboniferous Lower Coal Measures Fm. fluvial sandstones and lagoonal/floodplain mudstones.  Area quarried for coal then building stone.