Segment 7

Locality 25 - Queensferry Crossing

NT 1139 7785   ///suitably.inspected.mailbox
Carboniferous Calders Mbr. shales, clastics and carbonates.  Motorway bridge VIEW ONLY stop (with all the traffic) of new oil shale rich exposure.

Locality 26 - Port Edgar

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Carboniferous Midland Valley microgabbro sill.  To some another boring weathered sill outcrop but to many the foundations of the Queensferry Crossing.

Locality 27 - Society Point

NT 1010 7901   ///sleepy.hooks.headstone
Carboniferous (Visean) age Binnie Sandstone Fm. Gently dipping fluvial channel  sediments and a magnificent view of the three bridges.

Locality 28 - Blackness Castle

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Carboniferous (Dinantian to Westphalian) Midland Valley microgabbro sill … and the castle home of recent Outlaw King and Outlander filming.