Segment 6

Locality 21 - Cramond Island

NT 1963 7859   ///pencil.stones.salsa
Carboniferous Cramond microgabbro sill. Excellent exposure of west-dipping sill and views of the Firth of Forth. Watch out for the tides. Don’t get stranded.

Locality 22 - River Almond

NT 1864 7648   ///level.pipe.washed
Carboniferous Gullane Fm. paralic clastics.  Channels, depositional features, dipping sediments, small-scale faults and some sill-like intrusions.

Locality 23 - Eagle Rock/Hunter's Craig

NT 2004 7747   ///scary.themes.moving
Carboniferous Gullane Fm. fluvio-deltaic sandstones.  Cross-cutting planar/cross-bedding, soft-sediment deformation and a Roman eagle.

Locality 24 - Long Rib

NT 1411 7845   ///badminton.gradually.widest
Carboniferous Calders Mbr. dolomitic carbonates and oil shales that were extracted and processed for oil in the mid-late 19th and early 20th century.