Segment 5

Locality 17 - Wrecked Craigs

NT 4080 7610   ///daisy.corporate.paves
Carboniferous Passage Fm. and Upper Limestone Fm. clastics and carbonates.  Sedimentary features, folds, faults and the Port Seton-Spittal dyke.

Locality 18 - Prestonpans

NT 3815 7429   ///hunter.sectors.upwardly
Carboniferous (basal Namurian) Limestone Coal Fm. paralic clastics, coals and carbonates.  The fun is in the lithology spotting on the houses.  Stone used well.

Locality 19 - Joppa

NT 3199 7347   ///hiking.fixed.tester
Steeply dipping Carboniferous Upper Limestone Fm., Castlecary Limestone, Passage Fm. and Lower Coal Measures Fm. clastics, coals and carbonates.

Locality 20 - Salisbury Crags & Arthur's Seat

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Magnificent Carboniferous microgabbro sill, the Lion’s Haunch vent agglomerate, Hutton’s Section and Our Dynamic Earth.  A classic!!