Segment 4

Locality 13 - North Berwick law

NT 5545 8394.  ///corkscrew.flamenco.times
Early Carboniferous phonolitic trachyte volcanic plug.  A standout glacial crag and tail feature, a disused quarry and magnificent views over the Firth of Forth.

Locality 14 - Ironstone Cove

NT 4636 8303.  ///expanded.once.muted
Carboniferous Visean paralic Strathclyde Gp. sandstones, siltstones and mudstones.  Sedimentary structures a-plenty.  How many can you describe?

Locality 15 - Kilspindie

NT 4501 8033.  ///storming.tenure.across
Carboniferous Visean (Brigantian) Hurlet Limestone.  A prominent headland comprising crinoid, coral and brachiopod rich shallow marine limestones.

Locality 16 - Ferny Point

NT 4395 7752.  ///numeral.rebounded.mushroom
Carboniferous age Gosford Bay olivine-analcime-dolerite sill.  Sheet/columnar jointing, sediment rafts, ‘white trap’ metamorphism and a view of Arthur’s Seat.