Segment 3

Locality 9 - Dunbar Harbour

NT 6761 7919.  ///doubt.erupts.avid
Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous Stratheden Gp. clastics with multiple Carboniferous to Early Permian vent agglomerates, tuffs, dykes and sills.

Locality 10 - Winterfield

NT 6631 7925.  ///
Early Carboniferous Ballagan Fm. clastics, Parade Vent tuffs and agglomerates as well as major structuration along a major regional fault

Locality 11 - St Baldred's Cradle

NT 6379 8134.  ///continues.informs.test
Intrusion of Carboniferous St. Baldred’s Plug microgabbro into Ballagan Fm. clastics with cool weathering, augite phenocrysts and a view of the Bass Rock.

Locality 12 - Tantallon Castle

NT 5968 8478.  ///decompose.outfit.blatantly
Carboniferous Tantallon Vent agglomerates and tuffs flanked by Ballagan Fm. clastics and Garleton Hill volcanics.  Volcanic bombs and a view of the castle.