Segment 29

Locality 113 - Sunnyside

NJ 5343 6747   ///satin.toenail.auctioned
Neoproterozoic Cullen Quartzite Fm. Not quartzites but deformed/folded metamorphosed marine mudstones within the quartzitic sequence.

Locality 114 - Dicky Hare

NJ 5283 6808   ///initial.plugged.cupboards

Neoproterozoic Cullen Quartzite Fm.  Magnificent vertical slab of jointed, fractured and folded metasandstones jutting out into the Moray Firth.

Locality 115 - Cullen Links

NJ 4984 6775  ///puddings.give.seeing
Mid Devonian Spey Conglomerate Fm.  Back to the Palaeozoic with these red, interbedded conglomerates and sandstones, rich in metamorphic clasts.

Locality 116 - Toshie's Long Craigs

NJ 4960 6812   ///weary.shows.arranger
Neoproterozoic Cullen Quartzite and Devonian Spey Conglomerate Fms. Arch and in the quartzites overlain by red coarse conglomerates and sandstones.