Segment 28

Locality 109 - Boyne Bay

NJ 6169 6400   ///
Neoproterozoic Boyne Castle Limestone Fm.  Gorgeous cliff and beach outcrops of this 200m thick, tightly folded, thin bedded metalimestone.

Locality 110 - Portsoy Links Bay

NJ 5948 6624   ///outs.roaring.product
Neoproterozoic Cowhythe Psammite Fm.  Heavily folded and foliated metasiltstones and metacarbonates with quartzofeldspathic rich migmatites.

Locality 111 - Portsoy West

NJ 5865 6632  ///figs.attic.uppermost
Neoproterozoic Portsoy Limestone Fm.  Interbedded metacarbonates and buff-coloured quartzites containing a steep lineation forming distinct ‘mullions’.

Locality 112 - Garron Point

NJ 5542 6680   ///funnels.nightcap.means
Neoproterozoic Garron Point Tremolitic Flag Mbr.  Green-grey, calcareous, micaceous metasediments with schists exhibiting ‘garbenschiefer’.