Segment 27

Locality 105 - Gardenstown

NJ 7917 6465   ///improving.forced.schematic
Devonian Seatown Sandstone Mbr. and Neoproterozoic Macduff Fm. Faulted contact between Dalradian metasediments and Devonian fluvial sandstones.

Locality 106 - Tarlair Pool

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Neoproterozoic Macduff Fm.  Upright folds of greenschist facies turbiditic metasediments next to the disused Art Deco lido.

Locality 107 - Whitehills West

NJ 6477 6553  ///scatter.adventure.however
Neoproterozoic Whitehills Grit Fm.  Folded and steeply dipping metasediments originally deposited as turbidite sandstones and deep marine mudstones.

Locality 108 - Den Brae

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Neoproterozoic Whitehills Grit Fm.  Steeply dipping, jointed and fractured metaturbidites.  Also look out for some metamorphosed intrusives.