Segment 26

Locality 101 - Broadsea

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Neoproterozoic Strichen Fm. Gently westwards dipping metaturbidites rich in cordierite, andalusite and corundum intruded by pink pegmatitic granite.

Locality 102 - New Aberdour Beach

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Early Devonian Crovie Sandstone Gp.  Beach/cliff outcrop of westerly dipping red sandstones, conglomerates and siltstones onlapping onto the Dalradian.

Locality 103 - Pennan Harbour

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Early Devonian Crovie Sandstone Gp.  Magnificent cliff outcrop of brick-red cross-bedded fluvial sandstones overlain by alluvial fan conglomerates.

Locality 104 - Pennan

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Mid Devonian Findon Gp.  Interbedded Dalradian (Macduff Slate) rich breccia and brick-red sandstones unconformably overlying Crovie Gp. sandstones.