Segment 25

Locality 97 - Rattray Head

NK 1084 5821   ///spans.nods.opts
Neoproterozoic Crinan/Tayvallich Subgroups.  Not the best outcrop of metasediments we will see on this journey – but a fantastic lighthouse and beach.

Locality 98 - St. Combs

NK 0573 6328   ///seat.lanes.cyber
Neoproterozoic Inzie Head Gneiss Fm.  Migmatites and diorite intrusions.  Fantastic mixing of metasediments and partial-melting related granitic material.

Locality 99 - Cairnbulg

NK 0407 6546  ///segmented.twists.start
Neoproterozoic Inzie Head Gneiss Fm.  Granites, leucogranites, diorites and many nice gneisses … and ‘relict metasedimentary schollen’.

Locality 100 - Red Lakes

NK 0378 6557   ///tactical.dispose.estimates
Ordovician Cairnbulg Diorite.  Lots of interaction between Ordovician intrusives and metamorphic host rocks.