Segment 24

Locality 93 - St. Catherine's Dub

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Neoproterozoic Collieston Fm. Prograding metaclastics originally thought to have beed deposited by deep marine turbidity currents … or are they shallow marine?

Locality 94 - Sandy Haven

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Neoproterozoic Collieston Fm. and Peterhead Pluton.  The boundary between the distinctive red Peterhead Granite and brecciated and hornfelsed metamorphics.

Locality 95 - Dunbuy Rock

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Silurian Peterhead Pluton.  Magnificent arch developed by weathering along major joints and fractures in this pink granite.

Locality 96 - Buchanhaven

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Silurian Peterhead Pluton.  Silica rich igneous rocks; coarse, fine, weathered, fresh, fractured, jointed and injected … all in different shades of red and pink.