Segment 23

Locality 89 - Girdle Ness

NJ 9727 0540   ///locker.ocean.smoke
Neoproterozoic Aberdeen Fm.  Lovely outcrop of metasediments with more migmatites.  Also a must see … dolphins fishing at the mouth of the River Dee.

Locality 90 - Rubislaw Quarry

NJ 9104 0536   ///longer.happy.dawn
Ordovician Aberdeen Pluton.  Flooded 142m deep quarry that once provided stone for Aberdeen’s mansions, Waterloo Bridge and the Palace of Westminster.

Locality 91 - Brig o'Balgownie

NJ 9412 0960  ///frock.detect.arch
Devonian Brig o’Balgownie and Neoproterozoic Aberdeen Fms.  Here you can find Devonian clastics unconformably overlying steeply dipping metasediments.

Locality 92 - Skelly Rock

NJ 9669 1445   ///begin.scrapping.stunts
Devonian Brig o’Balgownie Fm.  Best at low tide … this fantastic outcrop of conglomerates and sandstones sits next to a firing range (beware).