Segment 22

Locality 85 - St Mary's Chapel Shore

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Silurian Castle of Cowie Mbr.  Near-vertical, interbedded, red fluvial clastics.  Also look out for faults and be careful of the overhanging cliffs.

Locality 86 - Garron Point

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Cambro-Ordovician Highland Border Complex and Neoproterozoic Glen Lethnot Grits.  Classic outcrop of the Highland Boundary Fault.

Locality 87 - Skatie Shore

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Neoproterozoic Glen Lethnot Grits.  Now in the Grampian Dalradian terrane we have excellent examples of steeply dipping, folded and cleaved metasediments.

Locality 88 - Cove Bay Harbour

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Neoproterozoic Aberdeen Fm.  So much to see at this location when the ‘har’ isn’t in.  Metasediments, folding, cleavage, intrusives and so many migmatites.