Segment 21

Locality 81 - Catterline

NO 8712 7825   ///
Devonian Catterline Conglomerate Fm. Superb stack showing Lower ORS in all its glory. We are close to sediment source. Some of the boulders are enormous.

Locality 82 - Crawton

NO 8804 7976   ///glove.conducted.supper
Devonian Catterline Conglomerate and Crawton Volcanics Fms.  Interbedded conglomerates, olivine basalts and porphyritic andesites … and puffins.

Locality 83 - Dunnottar

NO 8801 8389   ///dashes.trickled.launched
Siluro-Devonian Dunnottar Castle Conglomerate Fm.  Vertical conglomerates and the ruins of a castle where the Scottish crown jewels were hidden from Crowell.

Locality 84 - Cowie

NO 8800 8670   ///walkway.asterisk.cargo
Siluro-Devonian Dyke Suite and Silurian Cowie Sandstone Fm. Near vertical interbedded fluvial clastics cut by a feldspar rich quartz-porphyry dyke.