Segment 20

Locality 77 - St. Cyrus

NO 7528 6467   ///chair.reflector.dripping
Devonian Montrose Volcanic Fm.  Long cliff-line exposing these basaltic and andesitic lavas in the St. Cyrus National Nature Reserve.

Locality 78 - Seagreens

NO 7794 6581   ///geek.faster.wardrobe
Devonian Kinnesswood Sandstone Fm.  A walk across a stunning beach takes you to these cross-bedded fluvial red-bed channel sandstones.

Locality 79 - Johnshaven Narrows

NO 7868 6645   ///essay.escapes.cliff
Devonian Catterline Conglomerate Fm.  Devonian sediments are getting coarser with these well rounded fluvial/alluvial cobble conglomerates.

Locality 80 - Gourdon

NO 8235 7030   ///chainsaw.fleet.argued
Silurian to Early Devonian Whitehouse Conglomerate Fm.  Getting older … conglomerates with a distinctive grey matrix.