Segment 19

Locality 73 - Dickmont's Den

NO 6668 4169   ///solo.master.dices
Devonian Scone Sandstone Fm. Fantastic 3D view of these fluvial red-bed sandstones across an inlet in the world class Seaton Cliffs Nature Reserve.

Locality 74 - Carlingheugh Bay

NO 6698 4248   ///
Late Devonian Burnside Sandstone Fm.  You can spend days here viewing the 3D interplay between fluvial/alluvial sandstones and conglomerates.

Locality 75 - Auchmithie

NO 6826 4409   ///gazed.behalf.nation
Devonian Scone Sandstone Fm. & Auchmithie Conglomerate Mbr.  Enjoy the harbour, cliffs, Castle Rock, but just relish the use of local stone in the buildings.

Locality 76 - Mains of Usan

NO 7306 5595   ///atomic.happy.warblers
Devonian Montrose Volcanics Fm.  To some, these dark basaltic and andesitic lavas are pretty dull … but to agate hunters they are a treasure trove.