Segment 18

Locality 69 - West Ferry

NO 4453 3101   ///
Devonian Ochil Volcanics Fm. Basalts, conglomerates, steep bedding and intense shearing/fracturing at this riverside outcrop amongst the sailors and dinghies.

Locality 70 - West Haven

NO 5757 3480   ///secure.defensive.anguished
Devonian Scone Sandstone Fm.  Large outcrop of basinward dipping fluvial/floodplain clastics with excellent channel and overbank deposits.

Locality 71 - East Haven

NO 5904 3622   ///august.types.obligated
Devonian Scone Sandstone Fm.  Another sequence of fluvial floodplain clastics, this time with excellent differential weathering of calcareous soil profiles.

Locality 72 - Whiting Ness

NO 6586 4104   ///boring.wash.button
Devonian Burnside & Scone Sandstone Fms.  Classic outcrop of Upper ORS fluvial conglomerates unconformably overlying Lower ORS fluvial sandstones.