Segment 16

Locality 61 - Moncreiffe Hill

NO 1301 1978   ///resources.chips.urge
Devonian Ochil Volcanics and Glenvale Sandstone Fms.  Lavas overlying and juxtaposed against the sandstones.  The M90 cuts through giving a 3D view.

Locality 62 - Quarrymill

NO 1201 2517   ///hung.coast.baked
Devonian Scone Sandstone Fm.  Grey fluvial sandstones … looking green under a verdant woodland canopy.  The Devonian sandstone outcrops are improving!!

Locality 63 - Corsiehill Quarry

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Late Devonian Tholeiitic Dyke in Devonian Ochil Volcanic Fm.  Dyke previously quarried for aggregate showing polygonal jointing and onion-skin weathering.

Locality 64 - Kinnoul Hill

NO 1373 2272   ///globe.palace.lands
Early Devonian Ochil Volcanic Fm.  From the top of these basalts/andesites you can trace the northern, fault bounded, margin of the Tay valley.