Segment 15

Locality 57 - West Lighthouse

NO 4455 2930   ///declining.outsize.unicorns
Devonian Ochil Volcanics Fm.  At a different lighthouse here we find stunning conglomerates interbedded with the Ochil Fm. lavas.

Locality 58 - Wormit Bay

NO 3848 2582   ///springing.betrayed.porridge
Early Devonian Dundee Flagstone Fm.  Lovely outcrop of these (once quarried) fine to medium grained, cross-bedded flaggy sandstones.

Locality 59 - Peacehill Point

NO 3833 2584   ///allowable.opens.lyrics
Early Devonian Ochil Volcanic Fm.  Interbedded with the flagstones at stop 58 we have a series of glorious salmon-pink phenocryst rich rhyolites.

Locality 60 - Whirly Kips

NO 3092 2082   ///plumped.dogs.logged
Early Devonian Ochil Volcanic Fm.  Lovely outcrop of faulted basalts.  I’m no expert but texture looks a lot like what’s being generated at Fagradalsfjall.