Segment 13

Locality 49 - Kingsbarns/Cambo

NO 6098 1162   ///swaps.crossing.airbase
Carboniferous Anstruther Fm. and Randerston Limestone.  Syncline (perfect for introducing students to mapping), and a world class golf course and distillery.

Locality 50 - Pitmilly Shore

NO 5875 1430   ///oiled.employers.tungsten
Carboniferous Anstruther Fm.  Marvellous outcrop of a channel sandstone and underlying mudstones.  Another great teaching outcrop.

Locality 51 - Buddo Rock

NO 5631 1505   ///
Carboniferous Anstruther Fm.  Magical soft-sediment deformation structures in this standalone weathered sandstone cliff.

Locality 52 - The Rock & Spindle

NO 5385 1558   ///faded.clappers.perfumes
Late Carboniferous to Early Permian Plug/Vent Suite.  Not the classic photo direction … but this one shows the intrusive nature of the plug beautifully.