Segment 12

Locality 45 - Ardross

NO 5089 0070   ///gala.reframe.jetliner
Carboniferous Pathhead Fm. and Permo-Carb Vent Series.  Complex interplay of the Ardross strike-slip fault with coal bearing clastics and plugs.  World Class!!

Locality 46 - St. Monans

NO 5240 0140   ///hamster.loved.fallback
Carboniferous Lower Limestone Fm.  Fantastic syncline exposing interbedded clastics and carbonates adjacent to the Ardross Fault … and volcanic vents.

Locality 47 - Caiplie

NO 5869 0494   ///match.reversed.crispier
Carboniferous Anstruther Fm.  Dipping limestone bed excellent for sunbathing in-between hunting for fossilised trees and their imprints around this location.

Locality 48 - The Coves

NO 5998 0583   ///puts.different.they
Carboniferous Anstruther Fm.  You choose what these paralic clastics look like.  Easter Island Mo’ai, Scooby Doo or just sandstone cliffs??