Segment 11

Locality 41 - Dysart Harbour

NT 3015 9284   ///plot.loitering.swelling
Carboniferous Lower Coal Measures Fm. clastics.  Lovely cross-section through this sand-rich interval.  Visiting in the morning illuminates the section best.

Locality 42 - West Wemyss

NT 3237 9468   ///vertical.chiefs.snacking
Carboniferous Lower Coal Measures Fm. clastics.  Moving up through the Coal Measures and getting redder.  Stacked sandstones in a quaint harbour.

Locality 43 - Lundin Links

NO 4124 0238   ///twitchy.bathtubs.calm
Carboniferous Upper and Middle Coal Measures Fms.  Gently dipping paralic clastics but most notable for stunning sandstone rich fault breccias.

Locality 44 - Kincraig

NO 4629 0029   ///ratty.boring.bets
Carboniferous to Permian Plug & Vent Suite.  Crudely bedded diatreme-fill lapilli-tuffs and breccias with a distinctive greenish colour (chloritisation of pyroxenes).