Segment 10

Locality 37 - Donibristle Bay

NT 1616 8274   ///deny.lingering.arise
Carboniferous Sandy Craig Fm. clastics.  Nice outcrop of folded/faulted paralic sediments and a tholeiitic dyke.  Magical views of the Firth of Forth.

Locality 38 - Pan Rocks - Aberdour

NT 1916 8463   ///angel.tasks.cares
Carboniferous Anstruther Fm. clastics.  Multiple stacked channel sands, and lots of fs – folds, fractures, faults, fault-breccias and fluid-escape structures.

Locality 39 - Hoch-ma-toch

NT 2745 8730   ///lends.outnumber.blink
Carboniferous Kinghorn Volcanic Fm. lavas/tuffs.  Pillow lavas interbedded with Pathhead Fm. clastics and carbonates. Edinburgh in the distance

Locality 40 - Seafield

NT 2791 8828   ///
Carboniferous Lower Limestone Fm.  Clastics, carbonates, folds, faults, palaeosols, burrows, industrial heritage and if you are lucky … basking seals.