Segment 1

Locality 1 - Hilton Bay

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Carboniferous Lower Limestone Fm. Sandstones, limestones, and mudstones.  Folding and faulting at the margin of the Berwick Monocline.

Locality 2 - Burnmouth Bay

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Earliest Carboniferous Ballagan Fm. Sandstones, dolomitic limestones, and mudstones.  Classic example of tropical coastal floodplain sediments.

Locality 3 - White Heugh

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Silurian to Devonian Great Conglomerate Fm. sandstones/mudstones and Eyemouth Volcanic Fm. lavas. Exposure of St Abbs Head Fault.

Locality 4 - Pettico Wick

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Silurian age Gala Gp. deep marine greywackes and shaly siltstones.  Fantastic folds and a glorious view.